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Sector 7's Red Devil: Iron Tager Empty Sector 7's Red Devil: Iron Tager

Post  ADALEXAD on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:21 pm

Well it's been awhile since I've played blazblue and I picked it up and played it the other day. I thought I might share some strategies to help newbies learn the ways of real soviet damage. Here's some quick tips!

1. Sledge to Victory!
-Tager's 236B is a very handy tool for getting close to your opponents. I don't recommend using 236A to often; it's quicker, but has shorter range and doesn't provide as much invincibility as the B version. At any rate, sledge cuts through all projectiles and some drive moves (Noel's drives for example). Be weary about spamming, however, you are vulnerable afterwards.
2. Magna Tech Wheel in a tight spot!
-In terms of damage, this is not the most powerful distortion, but in a corner or jin ice car combo it comes in handy! While blocking a long combo or teching from one try entering the imput for it: usually they'll dash right into it giving you a chance to escape and sometimes turn the tide of battle.
3. Flying Headbutt!
-Tager's jumping C is the most useful effecient means of travel mankind has ever comprehended. Who gives a CRAP about Tager's slow movement speed when he can fly through the air like an airplane? Spam this move to get close, it works wonders. While spamming see if you can delay the headbutts so that they hit your opponent instead of just transporting you. For example, Jin is camping on the other side of the stage throwin barrels at you. You start spamming jumping C to get close, but he tries to run at you as soon as you jump. Try to time the move so that it hits him in the face and enjoy a counter primark or some other fancy move.

That's all for now. I hoped this helped. If you want some more tips send me a message and I'll make a second thread for you guys Wink



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